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#105 - 22-, 2010 :: 5:16pm
terrass () 22-, 2010 :: 4:58pm:
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I'll go all Lima Heights on you!


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#106 - 24-, 2010 :: 7:29am
« : 24-, 2010 :: 11:10am Tala_maska »  

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#107 - 24-, 2010 :: 7:41am
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#108 - 24-, 2010 :: 10:53am
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#109 - 24-, 2010 :: 10:59am
Tala_maska () 24-, 2010 :: 7:29am:
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I'll go all Lima Heights on you!


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#110 - 24-, 2010 :: 11:16am
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#111 - 24-, 2010 :: 12:56pm
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Tala_maska () 24-, 2010 :: 11:16am:
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« : 24-, 2010 :: 4:53pm Acid »  

I'll go all Lima Heights on you!


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#112 - 24-, 2010 :: 5:02pm
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#113 - 24-, 2010 :: 5:07pm
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16 Volt: Keep Sleeping (with Al) The End

30 seconds to Mars: The Kill A Beautiful Lie Rachel (to Ivy)

ACDC: Highway To Hell Live Wire Hells Bells

Angel Spit 100% (Combichrist rawmix)

Aerosmith and Santana: just feel better

Alabama 3 (A3): The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

Alanis Morisette: Uninvited Head Over Feet (with Kisten) Not the doctor (with Ivy)

Alan Parsons: Dont Answer Me Damned if I do (with Nick)

Alice Cooper Poison (with her guys) Welcome to My Nightmare

Anastacia: Where do I belong

Angels & Airways: The Adventure

Ani Difranco: Not a Pretty Girl

Annie: I Will Get On (after Nick)

Annie Lennox : On Broken Glass (in conjunction with her friends) Money Cant Buy It I need a man Love song for a vampire (with Kisten)

Aqualung: Tongue-Tied (with Nick)

Avril Lavigne: Slipped Away (with Kisten)

Basement: Wheres Your Head At?

Bayside: Half a Life (with Trent)

Beck: Scarecrow

Berlin: Masquerade Torture Sex (with Kisten)

Beatles (the): Let It Be

Beyonce: Naughty Girl (with Kisten)

Bill Wither:Use Me (giving into vampires)

Birthday Massacre: Kill The Lights

Black eyed Peas: My Humps (with Kisten)

Blackmores Night: Where are we going from here?

Blue Oyster Cult: Dont fear the Reaper

Book of Love: Witchcraft

Breaking Benjamin: Dance with the Devil So Cold Until the End

Bruce Springsteen: Surrender

Bryan Adams: Cant Take Me

Bush: Mouth (with Ivy)

Catalaina: The Soul that I am

Celine Dion: Taking Chances

Celldweller: Celldweller: Circle of Dust

Certa: The City of Fallen Angels

Chevelle: The Red

Chris Daughtry: Over You (with Nick)

Christina Aguilera: Hurt

Clan of Xymox: Jasmine and Rose

Clash (the): Should I Stay or Should I Go

Closure: Look Out Below

Coheed & Cambria: Blood Red Summer A Favor House Atlantic Welcome Home (with Nick)

Coldplay: Everythings Not Lost

Collide: Ocean

Concrete Blonde: I Dont Need a Hero True

Corrs: My fathers wings Long Night(with Nick) Dreams

Crash Test Dummies: Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Credence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

Crossfade: Colors (with Ivy)

Cruxshadows: Winterborn Greasy Jungle A Little More Salt

Cult (the): Fire Woman The Witch Painted on My heart (with Nick)

Cure (the): Staring At the Sea

Daniel Ash: Trouble

David Bowie: Golden Years Life on Mars

Death Cab For Cutie: Title and Registration (with Nick)

Depeche Mode: its question of lust, just cant get enough (with Kisten) i feel you

Destinys Child: Survivor (with the I.S.)

Dido: Hunter (with Nick)

Disengage: Under My Feet

Disturbed: Deify Bound Overburdened Im Alive

Donovan: Season of the Witch

Doors (the): Twentieth Century Fox

Dream Theater: Another Day

Eagles: Witchy Woman love will keep us alive

Echo: Enemy (with Kisten)

Emmy Rossum: Wishing you were somehow here again (with her dad) Free Me

Endo:Clean Sheets

Enter the Haggis: One Last Drink

Esthero: I Drive Alone (with Kisten)

Europe: Stormwind

Exies: My Goddess

Evanescence: Going Under Whisper Thoughtless Bring Me to Life (with Kisten) Call Me When Your Sober (with Kisten or Nick) Lacrymosa (with Nick), Your Star (with Nick) Everybodys Fool

Eve Plum: I Want it All

Fall Out Boy: Sugar Were Goin Down

Faith Hill: Breathe (with Kisten)

Fiona Apple: Criminal (with Nick)

Flaw: Get Up Again

Fleetwood Mac: Rhiannon

Flyleaf: All Around Me (when Nick leaves or with Kisten) Cassie Broken Wings (with Jenks)

Foo Fighters: Best of You.

Front 242: Headhunter

Garbage: I Think Im Paranoid When I Grow Up

Gavin Rossdale: Adrenaline (with Big Al)

Gentle Giant: Just the Same

Ghost of the Robot: Good Night Sweet Girl

Godsmack: Running Blind VooDoo Spiral

Good Charlotte: Hold on

Great Big Sea: Ordinary Day

Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams Shes A Rebel

Hatebreed: I Will Be Heard (with Al)

Hendrix: Love or Confusion

Head Automatica: Beating hearts Baby (with Ivy and Kisten)

Half Cocked: Bad Reputation

HIM: Beyond Redemption Beautiful (with Kisten) Passions Killing Floor (With Kisten)

Holly Cole: Evrything Ive Got

Hoobastank: Crawling in the Dark

Hot Hot Heat: Goodnight Goodnight (with Trent)

Imogen Heap: Its not Meant to be Like This.

Incubus: Crowded Elevator (with Kisten) Belladonna and Aconite Starchild Gypsy Lament (with Kisten) : Drive

Ingrid Michaelson: Keep Breathing (after Kisten when shes holding Ivy)

INXS: Devil Inside

In Flames: Take this Life

In This Moment: Prayer (in the ever-after)

Isreal Kamakawiwoole: In This Life (with Jenks)

Jay Hawkins: I Put a Spell on You

Jack Johnson: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (with Nick)

Jeff Buckley: Everybody Here Wants You I want someone badly (with Kisten)

Jekyll & Hyde: A Dangerous Game

Jethro Tull: Witchs Promise

Jewel: Intuition

Jimi Hendrix: Love or Confusion

Jo Dee Messina: If Heaven Was Needing A Hero (with Kisten) Being on the Rain

Joni Mitchell: Help Me (with Kisten) Jericho (with Kisten)

Johnny Lee: Looking For Love

Judas Priest: Living After Midnight A Touch of Evil (with Kisten)

Juliana Theory: Do You Believe Me? Trance

Kate Bush: Jig of Life

Kaiser Chiefs: Everyday I love you less (with Nick)

Kelly Clarkson: Beautiful Disaster

Kelly Pickler I Wonder (with her dad)

Kenny Loggin: Danger Zone

Kanye West: Stronger

Kidney Theives: Before Im Dead

Killswitch Engage: The End of Heartache (after Kisten) Rose of Sharyn and My Last Serenade (with Kisten)

KMFDM: Glory, Last Things Witch Hunt (with Piscary)

Korn: Twist

Kylie Minogue: Red-Blooded Woman

Lacuna Coil: Swamped Nymphatamine Heavens a Lie Purify

Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times

Leveller: Dance Before the Storm

Libertines (the) cant stand me now (Nick & Rachel)

Limp Bizkit: Eat you Alive (with Piscary)

Linkin Park: Faint No More Sorrow Leave out all the rest one step closer What Ive Done In the End (to Nick)

Lita Ford: Kiss me Deadly

Little big Town: Bones

Live: Voodoo Lady

London After Midnight: All my Dead Friends Where Good Girls Go to Die Kiss

Lords of Acid: Dark Lover Rising/Kiss Eternal (with Ivy or Kisten)

Loreena McKennitt: Marco Polo La Serenissima Dantes Prayer

Lou Reed: Perfect Day (Nick or Kisten)

Lacuna Coil: Swamped

Madonna: Die Another Day 4 Minutes

Manfred Mann: The Runner

Marc Cohn, Live Out The String

Marianne Faithful - Witches Song

Mariah Carrey: We Belong Together (with Nick)

Marylin Manson: This is New Shit (with Kisten)

Mars Volta: Inertiatic ESP

Marty Casey & The Love Hammers: My Eyes Cant See

Massive Attack: Protection

Matchbox 20: 3 am

Matthew Sweet Dark secret (with Nick)

Mazzy Stars: Fade Into you (with Kisten)

Melissa Ethridge: Unusual Kiss Enough of Me (with Kisten) Piece of my Heart

Metallica: Unforgiven II (with Kisten) FUEL The call of ktulu

MDFMK: Witch Hunt

Meat Loaf : Alive

Melissa Etheridge: Secret Agent

Melissa Ferrick: Bad Bad Girl

Michelle Branch: Desperately (with Nick)

Mira: No Other Way

Monster Magnet Theres no way out of Here

Mudvayne: Not Falling

Muse: Time is Running Out (with Nick) Butterflies and Hurricanes

My Ruins: Terror

Nancy Sinatra: These boots are made for walkin

Nelly Furtado: All Good Things Come To An End

Neko Case: Hold On, Hold On

Neyo: So sick (female version) (When Nick left)

Nina Simone: Feeling Good A Little Sugar In My Bowl (with Kisten)

Nickleback: Feelin Way Too Damn Good

Nightwish: Wish I Had An Angel She is my Sin Ghost love score

Nikka Costa: Everybody Got Their Something

NIN: Closer Terrible Lie (with Jenks) Me, Im Not, Demon Seed With Teeth Dont You Know What You Are

No Doubt: Im Just a Girl

Otep buried alive

Our Lady Peace :Tomorrow Never Knows

Ozzy Osborne: Crazy Babies (with Lee) Momma Im Coming Home

Papa Roach: Reckless

Paramore: Rewind Here We Go Again (both with Nick) Conspiracy Cruchcrushcrush

Pat Benatar: Shadows of the night

Peter Gabriel: Mercy Street and I Grieve

Peter Gabriel & Deep Forest: While The Earth Sleeps

PJ Harvey: 50 Foot Queenie

Phantom of the Opera soundtrack: The point of no return, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (with her dad)

Pink: Trouble U and Ur Hand

Placebo: Taste In Men,

Planet P: Why Me

Plain White Ts: A Lonely September (with Nick)

Play: Cinderella

Plump: I cant do this

Poe: Haunted (with Nick)

Police (the): Dont Stand So Close To Me 86″ (with Al)

Puscifer: The Undertaker (with Nick)

Pussy Cat Dolls: Buttons (Remix) (with Kisten)

Queen: The Show Must Go On Its Late (with Kisten) Somebody To Love Death on two legs (with Nick)

Queens of the Stone Age : Go With The Flow

Queensryche: Queen of the reich

Radiohead trickster

Rasmus (the): In The Shadows No Fear

Rasputina: Clipped

R.E.M.: Everybody Hurts

Reveille: What you Got

Rob Zombie: Blitzkrieg Bop American Witch

Rush: Resist

Sarah McLachlan: Surfacing.

Saving Jane: Supergirl

Santana Supernatural: monsters under the bed

Scarling: Broken Record (with Kisten breakup)

Scissor Sisters: I Cant Decide (with Trent)

Seether: The Gift Fake It

Sheryl Crow: It Dont Hurt

She Wants Revenge: Us (with Nick) These Things

Shinedown: Save Me

Shivaree: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want I will go quietly

Simple Plan: Me Against the World

Sixx Am, Life Is Beautiful

Slaveraider: Keep on Pushin

Smashing Pumpkins: Bullets with the Butterfly Wings Mayonaise

Smashmouth: I get knocked down

Snake River Conspiracy: Love song (with Kisten) BREED (with Nick)

Sneaker Pimps: Small Town Witch Post Modern Sleaze 6 Underground Spin Spin Sugar

Snow Patrol: Whatevers Left Run

Soil: Pride

Sophie B Hawkins: Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover (with Trent)

Static-X: Cold (confronting Piscary)

Stevie Knicks: Gypsy Edge of Seventeen If You Ever Did Believe (with Kisten)

Stevie Ray Vaughn: Life by the drop

Storm Large Ladylike

Strokes (the): Trying Your Luck

Sugar Babe: Stronger

Switchblade Symphony: Witches

Switchfoot: Sooner or Later This Is Your Life

Taking Back Sunday: Your Own Disaster

Tantric: Inside your Head Mourning (with her varied relationships)

t.A.T.u.: Loves Me Not Perfect Enemy (with Trent)

Tegan & Sarah: Walking with a Ghost The Con

Ten Years: Wasteland

Third Eye Blind: Semi-Charmed life

Three Days Grace: Take Me Under Riot Pain Never Too Late (with Kisten)

Three Doors Down: Its Not My Time

Three eleven: Amber

Tony Rich Project: Under Her Spell

Tool: Schism (with Nick)

Tori Amos: Winter Caught a Lite Sneeze Big Wheel

Train: Drops of Jupiter Free (Rachel for leaving IS)

Trapping the Vein: broken Butterfly

Tricky: Hell Is Around The Corner

TRUST Companys: Break Down.

Triumph; Fight the Good Fight

Type o Neg.: Black No.1″

U2: Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own (in conjunction with her father)

Utada: Devil Inside

Uncle Kracker: If I Had A Dollar

Velvet Revolver: Slither

Venus Hum: Do You Want to Fight Me?

Verve: Bittersweet Symphony

Vienna Teng: Between (with Skimmer)

Vonda Shepard: Searchin My Soul

The White Stripes: In The Cold, Cold Night

Warren Zevon: Lawyers, Guns and Money

Wasp: Wild Child

Whitesnake: Here I go Again

Within Temptation: Stand My Ground See who I am (with Ivy) The Promise (with Kisten) Angels

Wolfmother: Woman

" , : . , . , ."


♥Trent Kalamack team♥

: 1490
: female
#114 - 24-, 2010 :: 5:09pm

3 Doors Down: Kryptonite

3 Days Grace Burn  (to Piscary)

16 Volt: Happy Pill Alkali

Aerosmith: Crazy Hole in my Soul Never Loved a Girl Temperature

AFI: Total Immortal Miseria Cantare Miss Murder

Adema: Giving In

Alanis Morissette: Ironic

Alexandra Slate: Bad Girl

Alicia Keys No One (with Rachel)

Alice Cooper: Schools Out Cold Ethyl

Amber Benson: Under Your Spell (with Rachel)

Amy Winehouse Back to Black

Angel Fish: Suffocate Me

Angels & Airways: The Adventure

Apocalyptic ft: Bittersweet (to Rachel)

Aracadia: Lady Ice

Atreyu: Bleeding Mascara A Vampires Laments Love is Illness The Remembrance Ballad Corseting Her portrait in black

Audioslave - Show Me How To Live

Avenged Sevenfold: eternal rest

Azam: La Serena

Backstreet Boys: Incomplete

Bauhaus: The Passion of Lovers Bela Lugosis Dead

Bayside: Dont Call Me Peanut

Beck: Missing

Bif Naked:  My Bike

Billy Idol: Catch My Fall

Birthday Massacre (the): To Die For

Bjork: Play Dead

Black Label Society: In This River Is A Song

Blackmores : Diamonds & Rust

Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Dagger

Blink-182: I Miss You

Blue October: A Quiet Mind Hate Me

Blue Oyster Cult: The Reaper

Bullet for my valentine: tears dont fall

Bob Dylan: Knockin on Heavens Door

Breaking Benjamin: Until The End

Britney Spears: Oops, I Did it Again

Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run Dancing in the Dark

Bush: The Chemicals Between us Glycerine Mouth

Carfax: Cry Little Sister

Chevelle: The Red Vitamin R Emotional Drought Closure

Chiasm: Isolated

Christina Aguilara: Beautiful  Makeover (with Piscary)

Cradle of Filth: Nymphetamine

Cranberries (the): Ode to My Family, Zombie

Creatures (the): Slipping Away

Crossfade: Setta

Cruxshadows: Winterborn  Deception

Crystal Method: Jaded

Concrete Blond: Bloodletting Run

Cult (the): She Sells Sanctuary

Cure (the): Us or Them (with Piscary)

Curve: Chinese Burn (with Rachel)

Daniel Bedingfi: If Your Not The One

Danzig: Hint of her blood

Dave Mathews Band: The Space Between

Dead Can Dance: The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove (after breaking up with Kisten)

Deftones: Digital Bath hexagram

Death Cab For Cutie: Sound of Settling  someday you will be loved

DeathStars: Death In Vogue Virtue to Vice (with Piscary)

Deborah Harry: End of the Run

Depeche Mode: Sister of Night Sinner in Me Only When I Lose Myself (with Rachel)  Master and Servant (with Piscary)

Dido: Honestly Hunter

Disengage: So Sorry to Stay

Disturbed: Down with a sickness Prayer Pain redefined

DJ Rap: Good to be Alive

Dollybraid: Broken Like an Angel

Doves (the): One Of These Days

Dream Evil: Evilized

Dresden Dolls (the): Thirty Whacks

Dropkick Murphy: Dirty Glass

Dry Cell: Body Crumbles

Duran Duran: Save A Prayer

Eisley: Telescope Eyes

Engima: Sadeness, Pt 1

Europe: Stormwind

Evanescence: Away from me Bring Me to Life Haunted Lies Wash it all Away Thoughtless Lose Control All That Im Living For Snow White Queen Good Enough Lithium 

Everclear: Amphetamine

Faith & The Muse: Vervain

Fear Factory: Bite The Hand That Bleeds

Finger Eleven: Sad Exchange

Fiona Apple: Paper Bag  Criminal

Fleetwood Mac: Gold Dust Woman

Flyleaf:Sick Sorrow (with Kisten) So I thought (with Kisten) Fully Alive

Front 242: Serial Killers Dont Kill Their Girlfriend

Future Leaders of The World: Let Me Out

Gabriela Anders: Wanting

Garbage: Wicked Ways Supervixen  Alice In Chains Got Me Wrong Trip My Wire Id die for you Bleed Like Me

Gary Numan: Walking With Shadows

Gatsbys American Dream: Theatre

Gentle Giant: Nothing at All

Goo Goo Dolls (the) - Iris

Green Day: Extraordinary Girl Boulvard of Broken Dreams

Godhead: Sinking

Godsmack: Voodoo Vampires: Keep Away (with Piscary) Asleep-Accoustic (with Piscary)

Gorillaz (the): Last Living Souls (with Kisten)

Guns N Roses: Black Leather

Hawthorne Height: My Heart is in Ohio

HIM: Vampire Heart Gone With The Sin Killing Loneliness  When Love and Death Embrace

Hoobastank: Crawling in the Dark The Reason

Horror Pops (the): Ghouls

Hum: Stars

Incubus: Make Yourself (with Piscary) Pardon Me

Ingrid Michaelson: Corner Of Your Heart

Iron Butterfly: Iron Butterfly Theme

Iron Maiden: Heaven can wait

James Gang: Walk Away

Jill Sobule: I kissed a girl

Joe Satriani: Flying In A Blue Dream

Johnny Cash: Hurt

Joseph LoDuca: Melt into Me

Joy Division: Shes Lost Control

Judas Priest: Leather Rebel


" , : . , . , ."


♥Trent Kalamack team♥

: 1490
: female
#115 - 24-, 2010 :: 5:11pm

Ks Choice: Im Not An Addict

Kane: Rattlesnake Smile

k.d. lang: Constant Craving

Kelis: My Milkshakes

Kelly Clarkson: Addicted Because of U(relates to Rachel or Piscary- depending how you listen) Behind These Hazel Eyes

Kidney Thieves: Before Im Dead Arsenal Black Bullet

Kill Hannnah: Lips Like Morphine

Kittie: Into the Darkness

Korn: Trash Freak on a Leash Make Me Bad Coming Undone Got The Life

Lacuna Coil: Heavens a Lie Tight Rope (with Piscary) Dedicated Fragments of Faith Enjoy The Silence falling again Closer Entwined (with Piscary)

Ladytron: Destroy Everything You Touch

Laurie Anderson: Speak My Language

Leanne Rhime: Cant Fight the Moonlight

Lennon: Mother (for Ivys relationship with her parents)

Leonard Cohen: Dance me to the end of Love Joan of Arc Who by Fire

Leveller: Confess

Limp Biztit: Behind Blue Eyes

Linkin Park: Crawling breaking the habit

Lit: You Make Me Completely Miserable

Lita Ford and Ozzy: Close My Eyes Forever

Live: Where Fishes Go

Local H: Thats What they all say

London After Midnight: Demon Claires Horrors Spider and the Fly

Lori Carson: Fell Into Loneliness

Love & Rockets: Motorcycle

Mandy Moore: Only Hope (with Rachel)

Marilyn Manson: I Dont Like The Drugs ˜Tainted Love (with Skipper)

Marisa Lauren: Inside Ladylike

Maroon 5 : Harder to Breathe

Martina McBride: Concrete Angel

Massive Attack: Teardrop Dissolved Girl

Matthew Good Band: Weapon

Maxwell: This Womans work

Metallica: Until It Sleeps To Live Is To Die Bleeding Me Sad But True

Meat Beat Manifesto: Shes Unreal

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell

Melissa Etheridge: Im the Only One Precious Pain Enough of Me Secret Agent

Michelle Lewis: Nowhere and Everywhere

Midnight Syndicate: Born of the Night

Mindless Self Indulgence: Bed of Roses

Monster Magnet God Said No

Morcheeba: Blindfold

Morphine: Cure for Pain

My Chemical Romance: Helena Im not okay (I Promise) house of wolves

Nelly Furtado: Afriad Maneater

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Wonderful Life The One That Ive Been Waiting For Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow

Nickelback: how you remind me Saving Me

Nightwish: Nemo End of All Hope Romanticide Higher Than Hope dead to the world

Nikki Sixx: Life is Beautiful

NIN: Every Day is Exactly The Same Happiness in Slavery Becoming Right Where it Belongs Straight up

Norah Jones: Cold Cold Heart

Offspring: Race Against Myself

One True Thing: Monster

Orgy: Stitches (with Piscary)

Otep Emtee: My confession

Ozzy Osborn: Iron man Momma Im Coming Home.

Nox Arcana: Beyond Midnight

Pantera:Message in Blood

Papa Roach: Scars

Peter Gabriel: Dont give up

Phil Collins: You Cant Hurry Love

Pig: Flesh Fest

Pigface: Ten Ground And Down

Pink: Dont Let Me Get Me

PJ Harvey Who Will Love Me Now

Placebo: Lady of the Flowers

Planet Perfecto: Get Out of My Life

Plumb: Damaged

Poe: Hey Pretty Angry Johnny (with Piscary)

Poloroid: So Damn Beautiful

Portishead: Sour Times It Could Be Sweet

Placebo: Pure Morning

Poe: Hey Pretty

Portishead: Sour Times

Prodigy: Breathe (with Piscary)

Puscifer: Revelation 22:20″

Queen: March of the Black Queen

Queens of the Stone Age: Everybody Knows That You Are Insane

Queensryche: Thin Line No Sanctuary"I dont believe in love Lady wore black

Radiohead: Creep

Rammstein: Mein Teil (My Part), (Piscary)

Rasmus (the): Immortal (about Rachel)

Rasputin: Transylvanian Concubine

Razed in Black: Erotica

Rasputina: Transylvanian Concubine

Red Hot Chili Peppers:  Otherside

Remy Zero: Save Me

Ringside: Tired of Being Sorry

Rise Against: Prayer for a refugee

Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl

Rolling Stones: Cant always get what you want Paint it Black

Rush: The Enemy Within Double Agent

Sara Ayer: Starless

Sara Brightman: Deliver Me

Sarah McLachlan: Fallen  Good Enough

Savatage: Sleep

Saves The Day: As Your Ghost Takes Flight

Scarling: Cant(Halloween Valentine)

Seatbelts (the): Rain

Seether: Fine Again  Eyes of the Devil

Selena: Somewhere over the rainbow

Servant (the): Cells


Shawn Mulliens:e Wants Revenge: I Want to Tear You Apart

Shinedown: Burning Bright Save Me

Sia: Breathe Me

Sierina: At Sixis and Sevens

Simple Plan: Me Against the World

Sixx AM: Girl with Golden Eyes Life Is Beautiful Accidents Can Happen

Skinny Puppy: Smothered Hope

Slipknot: Vermillion Duality

Smile Empty Soul: Silhouettes

Smithereens (the): Blood and Roses

Souxsie & the Banshees: Face to Face

Smashing Pumpkins: In the Arms of Sleep

Smile Empty Soul: Silhouettes

Smiths: I Know its Over

Snake River Conspiracy: Vulcan

Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground Spin Spin Sugar

Sonia Dada: So Sad

Snow Patrol: Somewhere a Clock is Ticking

Sow: Blood Sucking Bitch

Spineshank: Smothered (with Piscary)

Staind: Right Here

Static-X: Not Meant For Me

Stemm: Monster

Suzanne Vega:Blood Makes Noise

Submersed: Hollow

Switchfoot: More Than Fine; This Is Your Life Dare you to move Learning to Breathe

Taking Back Sunday: Your Own Disaster Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team)

Tapping the Vein: Fingertips

Tarja Turunen: Calling Grace

T.A.T.U.: Craving Malchik Gay

Tea Party: Walking Wounded Temptation

Temple of the Dog: Say Hello 2 Heaven Im Going Hungry

Three Days Grace: Born Like This Take Me Under Burn I hate everything about you (for bloodlust), Animal I have Become Pain

Three Doors Down: Be Like That Kryptonite When Im Gone

Tiamat: Love in chains

Tom Petty: Mary Janes Last Dance

Tool: Sober

Tori Amos: Jackies Strength and Black Dove

Trapt These Walls

Tricky: She Makes Me Want to Die

Tristania: Deadlocked

Trust Company: Downfall

Type O Negative: Die With Me Burnt Flowers Falling Love You to Death Black No. 1″ My Girlfriends Girlfriend Bloody Kisses Baby, Baby

Umbrellas: Vampires

Vanessa Carlton: Pretty Baby

Vast: Im dying  Touched By(with Rachel) Pretty When You Cry  (Piscary)

Velvet Acid Christ: The Darkness Inside Me

Veruca Salt: Loneliness is Worse

Verve (the): Bittersweet Symphony

Vertical Horizon: hes everything you want

Vienna Teng: Harbor

VnV Nation: Dark Angel Beloved

Voltaire: Ex-Lovers lover (with Kisten)

Walls of Jericho no saving me

Wasp: Wild Child

Waterproof Blond: Just Close Your Eyes

Within Temptation: Ice Queen Restless (with Piscary) Angels (with Piscary) Stand My Ground (with Rachel) what have you done now

Wolfsheim: Heroin She Said

Wolfs Rain soundtrack: Requiem

Year of the Rabbit: Strange Eyes

Yello: Desire

Zug Island: Cry

" , : . , . , ."


♥Trent Kalamack team♥

: 1490
: female
#116 - 24-, 2010 :: 5:12pm
Trents Music

Adema: The Way You Like It

AFI: Silver and Cold

Alabama 3: Woke Up This Morning [Chosen One Mix]

Alan Parsons: Standing on Higher Ground  Eye in the Sky

Alexisonfire:Rough Hands

Alice Cooper: Roses On White Lace

American Minor: Walk On (with Rachel)

Bach: Minuet in G

Bedroom Walls: Do the the Buildings and Cops Make You Smile

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: I Wanna Be Like You

Billy Idol: Eyes Without A Face (with Rachel)

Black Sabbath: Iron Man

Blondie: One Way Or Another (with Rachel)

Carly Simon: Youre So Vain

Cat Rapes Dog : People Love Me

Cavalier King: The Unprotected

Cobra Starship: City is at war

Cruxshadows: Winterborn

Crystal Method: The American Way

CM: Comin Back (with Rachel)

David Sylvian - Darkest Dreaming

Exies: Ugly (with Rachel)

Filter: The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)

Garbage: Temptation waits the world is not enough

Guns and Roses: Sympathy for the Devil

Godhead: Break You Down

Godsmack: No Rest For the Wicked

Gowan: Criminal Mind

Gravity Kills: Guilty

Killers (the): All These Things That Ive Done

Lisa Loeb: How

Leveller: of Holland

Lords of Acid: Out Comes the Evil

Lost Boys Soundtrack: I Still Believe

Marcys Playground: The Devils Song

Megadeth: Almost Honest

Metallica: King Nothing Enter Sandman

Meatloaf: A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

Nightwish: Planet hell

Nevermore: Create the Infinite

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Red Right Hand

Papa Roach: Getting Away w/ Murder Blood

Placebo: Special K

Puddle of Mud: She Fucking Hates Me (with Rachel)

Queens of the Stone Age: The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret

Rasmus (the): In the Shadows

Saosin: Its So Simple

Savatage: Paragons of Innocence Man in the Mirror

SR-71: They All Fall Down

Stranglers (the): Grimly Fiendish

Sunna: Powerstruggle

Tears For Fears: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Three Days Grace: Now or Never

Toby Keith: Whos Your Daddy

Tori Amos: The Power of Orange Knicker Cruel

Tricky: I Believe off Queen of the Damned

VNV Nation: Holdin On (with Rachel)

The Who: Behind Blue Eyes

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#117 - 24-, 2010 :: 5:13pm
Jenkss Music

    AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    Adicts(the): Joker in The Pack

    Aqua : Lollipop:Candyman

    B52 (the): Love Shack (with Matalina)

    Beatles (the): Lucy in the Sky Yellow Submirine

    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Whats Next

    Billy Idol: Dancing With Myself

    Blondie: Dragonfly

    Book of Love: I Touch Roses

    Crystal Method: Vapor Trail

    Combustible Edison: Vertigogo

    DDR: Butterfly

    Dick Dale: Misilu

    Doors (the): The End

    Dust Brothers: Space Monkeys

    Elders (the): Racing the Tide

    Error: welcome to hell

    Four Rooms: Tarrintino Soundtrack

    Gentle Giant: Talybont

    Henry Mancini: Peter Gunn

    James Gang: Funk #49″

    Jamie Cullum: I get the sweetest feeling (with Matalina)

    Janes Addiction: Summertime Rolls

    Jethro Tull: Songs from the wood Jack in the green Mayhem Maybe

    Jimi Hendrix: Spanish Castle Magic

    JJ Cale: Crazy Mama

    Joan Jett:real wild child

    Judas: Be my Guide

    Loretta Lynn: Ones On The Way

    Lyle Lovett: Shes No Lady, Shes My Wife

    Marty Casey: Trees

    Moby: Electricity

    Nazareth: Hair of the Dog

    Nikka Costa: Everybody Got Their Something

    Nuno Bettencourt: Flight of the wounded bumblebee

    Republica: Ready to Go

    Rush: The Trees

    Smashmouth: Cant get enough of you baby (with Matalila)

    Three Days Grace: Drown (with betrayal)

    Tom Smith : Smash the frickin fairies

    Train: Drops of Jupiter

    Trapt Headstrong

    U2/BB King: When Love Comes to Town

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#118 - 24-, 2010 :: 5:14pm
Kistens Music

Adam Ant: Whip in My Valise

Alannah Myles: Black Velvet

Alan Parsons: I Wouldnt Want to be Like You.

Alice Cooper: Poison (Rachel)

Atreyu: The Crimson

Bad Religion: Infected (with Ivy)

Big Mick and the Boys: Dancing with Mr D

Blackmores Night: Cartouche (with Rachel)

Blink 182: Always

Bob Dillan: Lay Lady Lay

bon jovi: blaze of glory

Buckcherry: Next 2 You (with Rachel)

Buffy the vampirs slayer: Ill Never Tell (with Rachel)

Bugs: About You

Butthole Surfers: Shame of Life

Buzzcocks (The): Sixteen again

Cake: I Want to Love You Madly (with Rachel)

Carly Simon: Youre So Vain Mockingbird Give Me All Night

Cheaters Club (the): Anthony

Cody Chesnutt: Look Good in Leather

Cold: Cure My Tragedy (with Rachel) Wasted Years  Check Please

Corrs (the): Hopelessly Addicted (with Rachel)

Covenant: Like Tears in the Rain

Cradle of Filth: Temptation (with Rachel)

Cranberries :electric blue eyes

Cris Issak: Wicked Games

Dave Baerwald: Secret Silken World

Dengo Jones: The Lover Call

Depeche Mode: I want you now  World in my eyes

Dream Theater: Pull Me Under (with Rachel)

Drowning Pool: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Elvis: Little Less Conversation

Evanescence: Surrender (with Rachel) Before the dawn (with Rachel)

Evans Blue: Cold (with Rachel) Possesion

Fenix TX: Threesome

Finger Eleven Paralyzer (with Rachel)

Firescape: Erase This

Garbage: Vow

Gentle Giant: Funny Ways

Godsmack: Awake

Guns n Roses: Hair of the Dog

Gwen Stefani: Crash (with Rachel)

HIM: Vampire Heart Kiss of Dawn  Song or Suicide

Hoobastank: Inside Of You (with Rachel)

Hot Action Cop: Feva for tha Flava

Incubus: Crowded Elevator

Jem: Come on Closer Falling for you (with Rachel)

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Fetish

Joe Cocker: You can leave your hat on (with Rachel)

Johnny Lang; Lie to Me (with Rachel)

Johnny Reznik: Im Still Here

Judas Priest: A Touch Of Evil (With Rachel)

Jordin Sparks: Tattoo (with Rachel)

Kid Rock: So Hot

Kiss: King of the Nighttime World

korn: I cant remember Coming Undone (with Rachel)

K.T. Tunstall: Another Place to Fall Universe and U Black Horse and the Cherry Tree Sex on Wheelz Sex and Candy

Limp Bizkit: Behind Blue Eyes

Linkin Park: Leave Out All the Rest

Lizzy Borden: There Will Be Blood Tonight

London After Midnight: Your Best Nightmare This Paradise The Black Cat The Bondage Song

Lorna Valling: Taste

Loverboy: The Kid is Hot Tonight

Love & Rockets: So Alive (dance club)

Marcy Playground: Sex and Candy

Marylin Manson: This is New Shit (with Rachel)

Metallica: Of wolf and man

Mika : Happy Ending (with Rachel)

Mix-a-lot;:I Like Big Butts

Madonna: Beautiful Stranger (with Rachel)

Moby: Porclien (Rachel)

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: Sex On Wheelz

Nelly Furtado: Promiscuous (with Rachel)

Ne-Yos: Say It

Nickelback: Savin Me,  Animals You Remind Me

Nightwish: while your lips are still red  I Wish I Had An Angel Romanticide

NiN: Head Like a Hole The Had That Feeds Last Closer Perfect Prug I want to F#$k you Like an Animal (with Rachel)

One Tree Hill: Collide (with Rachel)

Panic: Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (with Rachel)

Pat Benetar: Heartbreaker Fire and Ice (both with Rachel)

PJ Harvey- Garden

Plasmatics: Black Leather Monster

Prince: International Lover

Pussycat Dolls: Dont Cha (with Rachel)

Queen: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Rammstein: Du Hast (dance club)

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Sir Psycho Sexy

Rihanna: Theres a Thug in my Life

Rolling Stones: Start Me Up

Sarah McLachlan: Fallen

Saving Abel: Addicted (Rachel)

Seether: Never Leave

Selena: Dreaming of you/I could fall in love  (with Rachel)

Shania Twain and Bryan White: From This Moment (with Rachel)

Sixx:AM: Life is Beautiful (Ivy)

Skillet: Under my skin (with Rachel)

Skindive-No more good guys (with Ivy)

smashing pumpkins- drown (with Rachel)

Smiths (the): How Soon is Now?

Spindle: Rebirth

Static-X: New Pain

Stray Cats: Stray Cat Strut

Ten Years: The Recipe,

Three Days Grace: Let you down and Take me under (with Rachel) Pain (with Rachel)  Animal I have become

Toadies (the): Possum Kingdom

Toby Keith: You Shouldnt Kiss Me Like This  He Aint Worth Missing

Tori Amos- a sorta fairytale (with Rachel)

Trapt: Head Strong

T Rex: lifes a gas

Twisted Method: Shine

Type0Negative: Love you to Death (with Rachel)

U2: Even Better Than the Real Thing

Vast: Touched (with Rachel)  Three Doors

Verve Pipe: I Want All of You, Wonderful Waste

VNV Nation: My Beloved (Rachel)

We Are Scientists: Nobody move, Nobody get hurt

White Stripes: Im Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman

Who (The)-Behind Blue Eyes

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#119 - 24-, 2010 :: 5:15pm
Als Music

16 Volt: Moutheater

AC/DC: Hells Bells
Avenged Sevenfold: The Beast And The Harlot (with Ceri)

Beatles (the): Taxman

Billy Idol: Devils Playground
Blondie: One way or another (with Rachel)

Cheap Trick: Gonna raise Hell
Coheed & Cambria: Velourium Camper III: Al The Killer
Creedence Clearwater: I Put A Spell On You
Cruxshadows: Deception

D.A.D.: Rim of Hell

Danzig: Mother
Dave Matthews: Halloween

Damn Yankees: Those Were The Good Old Days
Doors (the): Not To Touch the Earth.

Faithless: Addictive
Flogging Molly: Devils Dance Floor

Gentle Giant: Proclamation
Gnarls Barkley: The Boogie Monster

Godhead: I Sell Society The Reckoning (with Rachel)

God Module: The Source

Godsmack: Realign Serenity Chevelle The Red
HIM: Gone with the Sin (with Rachel)

Hurt: Rapture

Jesse McCartney: Beautiful Soul
Leonard Cohen: The Future
London After Midnight: Revenge
Marcys Playground: The Devils Song

Matchbox 20: Pretty Pink Ribbon  (Rachel

Meatloaf : The Monsters Lose

Metallica: Through the Never The Small Hours
Muse: Hysteria
My Life: Ride the Mindway
Nevermore: Enemies of Reality

Nickleback: Never Again (with Rachel)
Offspring: Come Out and Play
Paul Simon: Call Me Al
Puddle of Mudd: Control
Rammstein: Mein Herz brennt (My Heart Burns)

Rob Zombie: Im Your Boogieman Demon speeding
Rollins Band: Let That Devil Out

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs: Lil Red Riding Hood

Seven Mary Three: Cumbersome

Suicide City: F@#k Your Dreams

Staind: The Price You Pay

Stone Temple Pilots: Down
Swingfield Big Band: Pink Panther Theme

Switchblade Symphony: Dollhouse
Tom Waits: The Black Rider
TOOL: Eulogy

Ugly Kid Joe: God Damn Devil
Voltaire : When youre evil

White Zombie: Super-Charger Heaven

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