Библиография Рафаэля Лафферти


[Half a Sky] (1984) 

[The Flame Is Green] (1985)


Дьявол - мертв [Devil Is Dead]

[The Devil Is Dead] (1971) -номинировался на Nebula Award'71-

[Archipelago] (1979)

[More Than Melchisedech] (1984) 


Романы вне серий

"Повелитель прошлого" [Past Master] (1968) -номинировался на Nebula Award'68, Hugo Award'69-

[The Reefs of Earth] (1968)

[Space Chantey] (1968)

[Fourth Mansions] (1969) -номинировался на Nebula Award'70-

[Arrive at Easterwine: The Autobiography of a Ktistec Machine] (1971)

[Not to Mention Camels] (1972)

[In the Wake of Man: A Science Fiction Triad] (1975)

[Funnyfingers and Cabrito] (1976)

[Annals of Klepsis] (1983)

[Aurelia] (1983)

[Serpent's Egg] (1987)

[East of Laughter] (1988)

[Sinbad: The Thirteenth Voyage] (1989)

[Okla Hannali] (1991)

[Iron Tears] (1992)

[Tales of Midnight] (1992)


Повести и рассказы

[Adam Had Three Brothers] (1960)

[The Six Fingers of Time] (1960)

[Snuffles] (1960)

[Through Other Eyes] (1960)

[The Ugly Sea] (1960)

[All the People] (1961)

[Aloys] (1961)

[Rainbird] (1961)

[Dream / Dreamworld] (1962)

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" "Семь дней ужаса" [Seven-Day Terror] (1962) [7.3K]

[Sodom and Gomorrah, Texas] (1962)

[The Man with the Speckled Eyes] (1964)

[Name of the Snake] (1964)

[The Transcendent Tigers] (1964)

[What's the Name of That Town?] (1964)

[Guesting Time] (1965)

[Hog-Belly Honey] (1965)

[In Our Block] (1965) -номинировался на Nebula Award'65-

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" "Медленная ночь со вторника на среду" [Slow Tuesday Night] (1965) [7.5K] -номинировался на Nebula Award'65-

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" [Among the Hairy Earthmen] (1966) [13.3K]

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" [Narrow Valley] (1966) [12K]

"Девять сотен бабушек" [Nine Hundred Grandmothers] (1966)

[Primary Education of the Camiroi] (1966) [13K]

[Camels and Dromedaries, Clem] (1967)

[Ginny Wrapped in the Sun] (1967)

[The Hole on the Corner] (1967)

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" [Land of the Great Horses] (1967) [7K]

[The Man Who Never Was] (1967)

[Polity and Custom of the Camiroi] (1967)

[Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne] (1967)

[One at a Time] (1968)

[Cliffs That Laughed] (1969)

[Configuration of the North Shore] (1969)

[Been a Long, Long Time] (1970)

[Continued on Next Rock] (1970) -номинировался на Nebula Award'70, Hugo Award'71-

[Entire and Perfect Chrysolite] (1970) -номинировался на Nebula Award'70-

[Frog on the Mountain] (1970)

[Interurban Queen] (1970)

[Old Foot Forgot] (1970)

[Ride a Tin Can] (1970)

[All But the Words] (1971)

[Groaning Hinges of the World] (1971)

[Incased in Ancient Rind] (1971)

[Nor Limestone Islands] (1971)

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" [Sky] (1971) [10.6K] -номинировался на Hugo Award'72-

[World Abounding] (1971)

[Dorg] (1972)

[Eurema's Dam] (1972) -Hugo Award'73-

[Once on Aranea] (1972)

[A Special Condition in Summit City] (1972)

[By the Seashore] (1973)

[Days of Grass, Days of Straw] (1973)

[In Outraged Stone] (1973)

[Parthen] (1973)

[The Ungodly Mice of Doctor Drakos] (1973)

[The Wooly World of Barnaby Sheen] (1973)

[The World as Will and Wallpaper] (1973)

[And Name My Name] (1974)

[And Read the Flesh Between the Lines] (1974)

[Rivers of Damascus] (1974)

[For All Poor Folks at Picketwire] (1975)

[Old Halloweens on the Guna Slopes] (1975)

[Fog in My Throat] (1976)

[Oh Tell Me It Will Freeze Tonight] (1976)

[Brain Fever Season] (1977)

[Selenium Ghosts of the Eighteen Seventies] (1978)

[Splinters] (1978)

[And All the Skies Are Full of Fish] (1980)

[The Funny Face Murders] (1980)

[You Can't Go Back] (1981)

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" "Планета медведей-воришек" [Thieving Bear Planet] (1982) [15K]

[And Some in Velvet Gowns] (1983)

[The Doggone Highly Scientific Door] (1983)

[Oh Whatta You Do When the Well Runs Dry?] (1983)

[The Effigy Histories] (1984)

[I'll See It Done and Then I'll Die] (1984)

[The Man Who Made Models] (1984)

[Of Laughter and the Love of Friends] (1984)

[Two for Four Ninety-Nine] (1984)

[Magazine Section] (1985)

[Something Rich and Strange] (1986)

[Rainy Day in Halicarnassus] (1988)

[The Story of Little Briar-Rose, A Scholarly Study] (1988)

[Tales of Chicago] (1992)
Не фантастика.

[I Don't Care Who Keeps the Cows] (1994)

[Happening in Chosky Bottoms] (1995)

[The Emperor's Shoestrings] (1997)

[About a Secret Crocodile]

[Boomer Flats]

[Golden Trabant]

[How They Gave It Back]

[In the Garden]

[Mad Man]

[The Man Underneath]

[Maybe Jones and the City]

[Pig in a Pokey]

[Seven Story Dream]

[This Grand Carcass Yet] 

[The Ultimate Creature]

[The Weirdest World]

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" "Планета Камиори" (???) [13K]

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" "Безлюдный переулок" [6.6K]

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" "Прожорливая красотка" [10K]

Скачать из архива "Лавки миров" "Раз по разу" [8K]